Local Pandemic Response Grants

Covid-19 has severely impacted the Kodiak community, especially those who have been laid off from the service industry or other non-essential businesses. This loss of work directly impacts the ability for some families in Kodiak to keep their lights on, pay their water bills, and maintain adequate housing during this difficult time. The Kodiak Community Foundation recognizes this need among individuals and families in Kodiak and, through the support of Rasmuson Foundation, is providing $10,000 to support those impacted since they are essential to our strong and vibrant community.

The Kodiak Community Foundation was able to make the following grants in April 2020 to support nonprofits in their COVID-19 response efforts:

  • Brother Francis Shelter – $8,000 for the Brother Francis Shelter’s Homeless Prevention Fund, which provides emergency funding for individuals and families in need
  • Kodiak Community Support – $2,000 to provide resources and services to community members as needed through www.kodiakcommunity.com.

Families and individuals in Kodiak who require financial assistance during this time can contact either of these organizations to receive support for basic needs, including help with utility bills and groceries.

AK Can Do

Kodiak Community Foundation will be making additional COVID-19 response grants thanks to generous donors who have given to ACF’s AK Can Do Kodiak fund. Thank you to our community members for making this possible. More to come!