Endowing the Brian R. Young Sports Travel Fund Sustainable funding for Kodiak athletics

Kodiak Community Foundation (KCF), an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF), is pleased to announce its push to endow the Brian R. Young Sports Travel Fund. The power of an endowed fund is that the donations themselves are never spent, providing an annual dividend that will support youth sports travel now and forever.

The fund, which currently exists as a non-endowed account, was created by a donation from the Peg and Rick Young Foundation. Brian Young passed away after summiting Denali Mountain in 2011. He left behind his wife, Kelly Young, and four children, many of who still reside in Kodiak. During their high school years, all of Brian Young’s children were actively involved in Kodiak High School athletics, and he became a regular face at local sports events.

The Brian R. Young Sports Travel Fund has provided grants to the Kodiak High School Booster Club to support off island athletic travel, but it has depleted over time. However, thanks to the continued generosity of the Peg and Rick Young Foundation, there is now a push to transition this account into an endowed fund, and continue Brian Young’s legacy of supporting off island travel for young athletes.

According to Program Manager Brianna Gibbs, the Kodiak Community Foundation has a goal of endowing the fund once it reaches $25,000. As an endowed fund, Gibbs said the account can then generate annual interest, much like Kodiak Community Foundations general endowment, and that interest can be used as a sustainable funding source for Kodiak High School athletics. “To do that we are trying to raise $15,000 by the end of month,” said Gibbs. “That’s because the Peg and Rick Young Foundation has agreed to match fundraising efforts up to $15,000 to help transition the account into an endowed fund.” She said that this means any donation made to the account right now is essentially doubled.

Kodiak Community Foundation Board Chair Mark Anderson said he sees this as an opportunity to benefit Kodiak athletes long into the future. Anderson says the opportunity to endow this account also feels personal. “Brian Young was a strong supporter of Kodiak athletes and often quietly, but generously, provided funds to help make events happen,” said Anderson. “I’m proud to have known Brian and counted him as a friend.”

Anyone interested in donating to the Brian R. Young Sports Travel Fund can do so through the end of the year by visiting kodiakcf.org/donate  and selecting the fund.